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Join us for UPCOMING Boomer events and take a look at our exciting PAST events.  If you're not yet a member, you can sign up for membership at the same time you register for an event.  Just click the "Register" button on the event of your choice.



Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

09/20/2018 Boomer Follies: A FREE Social for Our Members
08/25/2018 Here Come The Sun Kings
06/23/2018 We're So Excited/ The Return of the Poyntlyss Sistars
05/19/2018 Nathan Owens and the Legends of Motown
04/20/2018 Songs and Stories Of Neil Diamond
03/15/2018 The Growing Sonoma County Cannabis Industry. How Will It Affect You!
02/09/2018 Mardi Party
12/07/2017 Annual Members Holiday Appreciation Social
11/16/2017 Celebration Time
09/21/2017 Denim Dinner Dance
08/19/2017 Summer of Love
07/13/2017 Stars Under The Stars
06/17/2017 Rock Around The Clock
05/20/2017 British Invasion
04/21/2017 More Joy
02/25/2017 Mardi Party
12/08/2016 Annual Holiday Members Only Appreciation Social
11/17/2016 Trivia Night
10/22/2016 Spooktacular
09/08/2016 Pizza Palooza 3
08/20/2016 Johnny Vegas and The High Rollers
06/25/2016 At The Hop
05/21/2016 Dance Vibrations
04/21/2016 Son of Pizza Palooza
03/17/2016 St Patrick's Day: Get Your Green On
02/06/2016 Mardi Gras: Rendezvous On Bourbon Street
01/21/2016 Trivia Night
12/10/2015 Third Annual Holiday Member Appreciation Social
10/17/2015 Starry Night
09/10/2015 Pizza Palooza
08/15/2015 (copy) A Hard Day's Night
07/16/2015 The Buddy Holly Story
06/20/2015 We're So Excited! The Return of The Poyntlyss Sistars Rockin' Show Band
05/16/2015 Motown: Yesterday, Today, Forever
04/16/2015 Trivia Night
03/19/2015 Let's PLay Charades
02/14/2015 Third Annual Mardi Gras Party
01/15/2015 SOUPER BOWL
12/11/2014 Holiday Member Appreciation Social
11/15/2014 Cruise Night Aboard The SS White Oak
10/16/2014 Name That Tune
09/06/2014 Unauthorized Rolling Stones
08/22/2014 Music Of the Night : Transcendence Theater Production
07/17/2014 St.Francis Film Festival
07/04/2014 Fourth Of July BBQ Picnic
06/19/2014 Woodstock Revisited
05/17/2014 Magical Mystery Tour
04/17/2014 April Social Game Night
03/01/2014 Mardi Gras Party
02/20/2014 February Social: AGE OF AQUARIUS
01/16/2014 January Social: TAILGATE PARTY
12/12/2013 Holiday MEMBER APPRECIATION Celebration
11/08/2013 Fabulous Poyntlyss Sistars Rockin' Show Band
10/17/2013 A Psychedelic Dance Euphoria!
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