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Our History


On a cold rainy night in January 2011, 84 people who did not know one another gathered in the Berger Center in response to an article in the Kenwood Press, and thus the Oakmont Boomers was born. 


From this auspicious beginning, we now have a club with over 500 members spanning not only all Boomer but other age ranges. You don't need to be a Boomer to join the Boomers Club!


The Oakmont Boomers is an Oakmont social organization.  Although we are as diverse as any other population, we have distinct characteristics that were shaped by the events, music and culture of the 60’s and 70’s.


We get together monthly to socialize, network, enjoy food, wine, and rock and roll. Out of this network have come the beginnings of friendships that will take us through our retirement years. Like-minded Boomers are organizing activities such as dinner for eight, tea and chat, etc., and many one-time events that occur locally here in Sonoma Valley.












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